Campaign:Send Freddy to College

Freddy is a 21 year old Malawian that has helped support his family each year. He has dreamed of going to college and one noble volunteer made that dream come true in January. In order to continue his education he needs this semester of college paid for by September 5th. Read more about Freddy here:Freddy to college

Something Amazing is running a three week campaign in order to send Freddy to college. \

We are $150 short of our goal needed by September 5th.

We are looking for all followers and supporters.
I need one of the following:
• 3 Supporters of $50
• 6 Supporters of $25
• 10 supporters of $15
• 15 Supporters of $10
• 21 Supports of $5
Each donation over $5 gets a super awesome cool Malawi Bracelet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I challenge everyone to dig deep into their hearts and Help Freddy Go to College.
Even if you can only donate $5 you will receive a Malawi Bracelet shipped to your address. (may be limited to United States address)

Thank you in advance!

No Donation is too small.

I will update you each week how tthe campaing is going. Let’s get Freddy’s School Paid for. Use any Donation button on this page.

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