Send Freddy to College

Almost 30 % of less fortunate children in Malawi do not even start primary school, which is free in Malawi. Secondary and higher education is largely confined to priveledge households, mainly due to the required enrollment fees.

Here at Something Amazing we strive to break and dismantle those barriers.

Meet Fred!


Alfred (Freddy). Freddy has been a great friend, hosting and guiding many volunteers around Rumphi, teaching them the local language, Tumbuka & inviting the volunteers to football matches. He is a really bright guy who has immense potential but is a trapped with limited options in Malawi. He would like to go to school for plumbing as it is a promising career here, but the tuition is a challenge.

With help from a previous volunteeer Freddy has enrolled in College for one semester, his next semester’s tutition is due September 15. Due to conversion rates and the stregth of the U.S. dollar tutition for 3 months is about $200 which is extremely resonable.

malawi fred

Freddy needs your help inorder to continue going to school for the next 3 years. Even the smallest donations helps send Freddy to school.

We ask each person to donate $5.

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