What we do

“Those who travel broaden their horizons.

Those who volunteer and travel, broaden the horizons of others.”

What do we do?

Something Amazing is a non-profit organization that sets out to impact communities in need across the globe. Our main goal at Something Amazing ‘s goal is to bring access to quality education to communities in need. Along with addressing social, medical and agricultural issues. We are a grass-root organization that runs fully on donations.

Part 1: Empowering others from around the world to instill love, hope and aspiration into each person we come across through our journey(s).  Something Amazing helps make volunteering obtainable and affordable to anyone with a willing heart. We strive to break barriers between the company and volunteer.

Part 2: Helps empower communities to achieve futures that are just a step away. We are not people that believe in giving handouts; but rather teach better ways to improve their daily life.

Our method in helping others is the Pareto principle, other wise known as the 80/20 method. We do not believe in giving hand outs, but rather each person must give something in order to receive. The Pareto principle is 80% of outcomes come from 20% of your inputs. This allows people to not depend on the aid, but rather still work hard.



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