Malawi Group Trip

Something Amazing takes over Malawi Summer 2017.

Over View of Malawi-

Malawi is a tiny landlocked nation situated between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique in central sub-Saharan Africa. This tiny country is about the size of Pennsylvania and is home to over 16 million people. 90% of Malawian people live below the $2 dollars a day poverty line. This makes Malawi the third poorest country in the world. Malawi is known as the “Warm Heart of Africa” for its people’s generous spirit and warm hospitality. Malawians have a rich and vibrant culture.

Our Mission in Malawi is to help improve of lives in the Rumphi area. We will be working directly with an in country organization with a village. These picture shown were taken by previous volunteers with the kingfisher project. These kids will be some of the kids we will be helping directly in the school.

 Each trip a Trip Coordinator will go to the sites  a few weeks before any arrivals and secure all program details. The trip coordinator will pick each particpants up at the airport upon arrival. Not only is the project manager with you, they volunteer along side of the partcipant. 

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There will be 3 different opportunities to volunteer in Malawi:

Option 1:  June 5-18  2017 (Dates subject to change- 2 weeks)

Option 2: June 19th -July 3rd 2017 Dates subject to change- 2 weeks)

Option 3: June 5th – July 3rd 2017 (dates subject to change- 4 weeks)

DO NOT BUY ANY PLANE TICKETS until you have spoken with your trip coordinator.
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Detailed information about Malawi is in the link below:

Information about Malawi

Cost Information

Application (Part 1)

Here is the website of King Fisher the program Something Amazing is partnering up with in Malawi. Please take a look at more information given by previous volunteers.

Kingfisher website
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