Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering allows you to give a piece of your heart to every nation that you visit. This feeling  stays with you for the rest of your life so much longer than many other experiences. Volunteering is a life changing experience only a few people have a chance to encounter. We may not save the world, we may not even change the world, but each trip we can change the world of one person. Even if that is you. Every small effort given, slowly adds up to multiple changes with in an area.

Who can volunteer?

As of now the minum age is 17 (with parental consent) there is no maximum age. Each participant must be in physical fit along with a healthy doctors bill.

Why is there a cost?

In order to live any where in the world there will always be a cost associated. Something Amazing strives to find the most cost effective way in running a program.

The cost that are associated with each trip: 

  • Flights (Participants responsibility)– There will be a time and date in which each participants must at the particular destination.
  • Room and Board (included fee)- Includes 3 meals a day, most transportation, a warm host family in the community to stay with, In country support, Safety and many other things.
  • Medical/Travel Insurance (Participants responsibility)-  This allows the participant to be covered int he case of any and all emergencies.
  • Administration fee- Something Amazing is fully ran by volunteers and donations. This cost goes to the daily functions of Something Amazing, and other functions in the developing nations.fear.jpg

As Something Amazing breaks the barriers between program and volunteers we strive to keep communication clear and precise,  cost low and actively make differences in many lives.  
Donate here to help empower and save lives!!!