Information about Malawi


First I must say you are amazing for wanting to help others and I commend you greatly. From the CEO and Founder of Something Amazing I want to say Thank you. Not everyone is brave enough to take these steps to go into a foreign land and help out others. Second, this trip will change your life, embrace every moment that is given. You will be pushed beyond your comfort levels. You will understand the way of life through different eyes. Malawi 2017 is in full effect!malawi 5

Where– village of Rumphi, Lumemo, Malawi.

When– June 2017- July 2017

  • Accommodation- You will be leaving behind many 1st world problems and live similar to the people of Malawi. We will be staying at a local host home of modest means that will be our home base. Each participant will get their own bed, and same sex volunteers will stay in a room together. We will be in rural conditions.
  • Meals- You will receive 3 meals a day prepared by the host mom. A meal consist of Nshima, a staple of Malawi, (which is corn flour mixed with water similar to mash potatoes or grits) rice, or spaghetti. Served with relish sometimes containing beef, goat, cabbage, beans, eggs, or small fish. Eating consist of gathering at the table, one of the customs is men and women eat separately, and you eat with your hands.malawi 4
  • Water/electricity- it is safe to drink the water here in Malawi. There will be days without running water due to a pipe breaking, or a flood. The water pressure is low and always cold. Some days there won’t be any electricity due to having to buy electricity one week at a time. Don’t worry you will be able to charge your phone and camera. There is no Wi-Fi in the entire town, but your coordinator will have an internet stick to be able to keep in contact with your family (subject to change). Along with opportunities to buy a international sim card.
  • Transportation- To Rumphi, the village, is an hour walk crossing rivers, and fields. One must be in a physical fit condition in order to endure the heat, and amount of activity. For getting around there will be a manual truck available to the volunteers, due to poor conditions on the roads the host brother will drive us around.malawi 2
  • Typical day- Shower, have breakfast (simple bread and tea) and leave by  7 am in order to get to the school by 8 o clock. Volunteers will be at the school from 8 am to 12pm Monday thru Thrusday. Volunteers will assist the teachers in their daily routines, lessons, and tests. Remember we are there to help and not to cause a distraction in the classroom. By 12 pm it is very hot and the volunteers will walk back home and enjoy lunch and an afternoon nap to escape the heat. Sports happens on Tuesday and Thursdays after lunch time when the weather starts to cool down. Many days when the weather allows you can explore areas around or do field/hard labor work that is helpful. Dinner is served and many people are sleep my 8/8:30.malawi
  • Safety- It is extremely safe in Rumphi. This is not a tourist destination therefore you will not be a target to anyone. Use wisdom and caution when going anywhere.

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