Malawi trip cost-

These cost include food, housing, and most transportation.

Length Cost Administration cost Total
2 weeks $280 $220 $500
4 weeks $380 $220 $600

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Time line- 2 weeks/ 4 weeks

Below is a timeline for anyone that needs a payment plan. Those who wish to pay in full can do so at any time, as long as all due are paid by April 31st. Failure to pay the dues by the bolded date can result in the loss of your spot on the trip. There are limited spaces.  If you want to save your spot before the Administration fee is due, you may reserve with a $50 deposit which is taken out of your administration fee. We are not accepting any applications after March 31st.

How to pay?  Payment will be discussed through the trip coordinator.

The following timeline is a rough estimate, you may submit forms and fees at any time. Please remember to calculate when to buy your plane ticket (estamated $1500- $1700).

August- March Accepting applications

You can save your spot by a $50 deposit, (deducted from your administration fee)

Not accepting any applications after March 1st.

December Administration fee- (Nonrefundable reserves your spot)
January $70/ 95

January 31st

February $70/ 95

February 28th

March $70/ 95

Background checks due

Last applications due!

March 31st

April $70 / 95

April 31st


May Plane tickets should be purchased,

Travel insurance

Background checks

And all fees should be paid

and emailed by May 31st

June Travel time!

The links for payments and fees will be emailed to you after you fill out an application.

The links on the website is ONLY for Dontions.
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