Where is JIll?

Where is Jill? that is a great question. Below is a map of my first 5 months journey  and a description of what I’ll be doing.


#1. Where I live in Douglasville, Georgia, USA.

Departure date: January 19th.

#2 Johannesburg, South Africa, Where I will be visiting distant family and site seeing.

Arrival: January 20th, Departure: January 23rd.

#3 Capetown, South Africa.

Arrival: January 23rd, Departure: May 14th.

My love for kids drives me half way around the world.  The excitement to volunteer at an Orphanage in Athlone, South Africa is uncontrollable. I will be helping the local staff with teaching and monitoring children from ages zero to five years old. I’m excited  to embark on this journey, but also very frighten with the things I will be  faced with. I know this will be a challenging 5 months and I am ready for anything thrown at me.

Until next time.


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